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Cabernet Franc


There isn’t a great deal of Cabernet Franc produced on its own in New Zealand and that seems a shame.


The resulting wines such as this give a lovely perfumed nose with a concentrated fruit palate. The palate has clarity of dark berries , blackcurrant, black doris plums, cassis and subtle herbal notes with a fine foil of mint chocolate reminiscent of a Chinon. This wine's gentle exposure to oak and an emphasis on fruit this is an ideal wine to enjoy in over the next couple of years.


Ironic that the only cork used in this package is that which is on the label. The label itself is printed on real cork which means that no two bottles are the same. The design of this front label is indicative of when the wine is released – the vine prunings bundled together shows what is happening in the vineyard during winter. The variety, vintage and back label’s subtle haiku poem are all screen printed by hand locally at Ascent 3D.

Renée harvesting
Renée Pumping
Moi Cabernet Franc - Fetch
Photoshoot Collaboration Rock + Honey Installations
Photoshoot Collaboration Rock + Honey Installations

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