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Your support has helped us help these people...

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Everybody Eats

Planting Trees

Trees That Count

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It takes a village...

It has been an amazing adventure creating Moi Wines and have been helped by countless people along the way.


Below are a list of businesses all of whom have helped me in some way. I personally love doing business with them and would recommend working with them in a heartbeat. 

Thank You

To all these businesses for their generosity and unwavering support...

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Award winning photo journalist, successful actor, father of five, vintage car enthusiast, avid sports fan, serial entrepreneur, talented raconteur and the world's best Dad.

Geoff Dale helped me in a million trillion ways. Thanks Dad.

He's a superb commercial photographer and photojournalist.


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My brother has helped me in so many moments of photography need.

After following our Dad's footsteps and never doing anything by halves he is now an award winning professional Filmmaker & Photographer and President of the NZ Institute of Professional Photography.



A long established, family owned, contract winery with one of New Zealand's best kept secret Chardonnays.

Thanks to this generous business who let me make the style of wine I like using their facilities.


I can explore my own winemaking style and establish a winemaking career in my very own home town.


Auckland based wedding and event planning + styling - these beautiful ladies Sheena and Becky have provided much of the deliciously styled imagery used on this website.


"We are the artists, the coffee lovers, the dreamers, the everydayers, and the boundary pushers. We listen, we love and we bring all the goodness."

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I met Shelly at a work training session on writing for business and had no idea I was in store for the most incredible learning experience. Shelly has also made herself available as a bit of a mentor for me and I am eternally grateful. 

"Over 2 days I can take your team from whatever level they’re at, reframe them to modern writing approaches that actually work, AND make sure they know how to actually write that way once they leave the room.

They’ll be buzzing, they’ll be writing freakishly well, and you’ll see REAL CHANGE."

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