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Stitch in Thyme

Grüner Veltliner Pet-Nat

{Matakana, Tāmaki Makaurau | Auckland, Aotearoa | New Zealand}

// a stitch in time, saves nine


1. a timely action or remedy.

To produce a Pet-Nat it is ALL about timely actions and as I do love a little play on words, this wine certainly suits a descriptor like 'thyme". Thyme has a very earthy and slightly minty taste with warm peppery undertones and is synonymous with descriptors of the renowned Grüner Veltliner wines of Austria. As the primary ferment slowly ticked down residual sugar levels over the months it wasn't until November that it was put to bottle. It was a timely decision to leave it there to rest and finish it's final phase of ferment strategically locking in those fine pin pricks of yeast produced effervescence.

Think tobacco leaf, lemon grass and green pear skin on the nose followed by lemon zest, thyme, quince and a touch of white pepper on the palate. There is a shy mānuka beeswax aroma which enchants you through to the earthy palate, salty brioche and a silken mineral finish. An aperitif and an hors d'oeuvre all in one.

This is Moi WIne's version of a Pet-Nat or "Pétillent Naturel" which is French for "naturally sparkling". The bottles have not been disgorged and instead have been allowed to each evolve autonomously. Whilst the wine is very similar, every bottle has it's own unique flair as the yeast lees continue to go through autolysis and develop.

Only 216 bottles of Pet-Nat were produced in 2021

This usually sells out in a couple of months so get in there as soon you can..

Usual sellers will be:

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