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Filigree Rosé


Moi Wine’s sixth vintage of Rosé was another stellar season. This rosé was made to sit amidst the Filigree family which is Moi Wines' premium range of wines.

The growing season across West Auckland in 2020/21 summer was hot and dry but with timely rains that helped the vines grow enough foliage to ripen yields across the board.  Strictly red grape varieties and that were cropped at red wine levels, from a field blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc and a smidgen of Malbec.

The lively fuchsia and iridescent Paua blue hue will pique your curiosity. Early summer strawberries and lifted raspberry coulis on the nose. Pomegranate, green apple skin, chilli and a salted lime garnish tickles the palate. A succulent and refreshing expression of Waimauku wine.  Another rosé with ornate texture which fits into the aptly named "Filigree" range.

Filigree; (noun) ornamental work of fine (typically gold or silver) wire formed into delicate tracery.  (From Latin filum ‘thread’ + granum ‘seed’).

An old winemaking friend once said: "wine, like life, is about texture" which in turn influenced my winemaking ever since.

The wines I make are focussed on fine delicate texture, not unlike fine filigree jewellery. The bottles are designed in order to let the wine shine through in it's own glory.

Filigree Rosé 2021 on Moondance
Filigree Rosé 2021 & Food Match
Filigree Rosé 2021 and Salmon

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