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Moon Shot
Riesling Pet-Nat

{Marlborough, New Zealand}


Noun; 1. the launching of a spacecraft to the moon.

2. A radical and adventurous idea. An extremely ambitious project or mission undertaken to achieve a monumental goal. 

OK so winemakers are allowed to have a little fun right?
The odds were against this wine even happening this year and with life throwing all sorts of hurdles our way this wine came to fruition against all odds. Hence tha name "Moon Shot". 

The Riesling primary ferment finally ticked down to a perfect residual sugar level in October to then finish it's final phase of ferment in the bottle, retaining beautiful Riesling varietal characters, freshness and acid pizazz. 

Think lemons, vogels toast and lime flavoured popping candy in your mouth.


This is Moi Wine’s version of a Pet-Nat or "Petillent Naturel" which is French for "naturally sparkling". The bottles have not been disgorged and instead have been allowed to each evolve individually of each other. Whilst the wine is very similar, every bottle has it's own unique character as the yeast lees continue to go through autolysis and develop.  

Only 230 bottles of Pet-Nat were produced in 2020 and sold out in 2-3 months. 


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