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Moi’s third vintage of Rosé was the culmination of efforts from steadfast grapegrowers and unrelinquishing winemaking. As was the case across much of New Zealand it was a challenging vintage but these grapes remained faithful to the cause in the face of a dry vintage followed by relentless rains falling right at harvest time. Due to high disease pressure the usual grape supplier could not supply Moi Wines with fruit so it was by pure luck that a local grape grower came to the rescue to supply fruit for this year's rosé.

A change in grape supplier meant a change in grape variety however of course no sacrifice was made on quality. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot render this wine with a light blush which playfully entices the consumer in to its aroma of crisp apples, berries and red fruit.  Audacious wild berry flavours and low residual sugar balance the crisp acid and phenolics with poise and grace. Due to a challenging vintage the volume of wine produced was modest as any sub quality grapes were not harvested - this means it will disappear fast! Nudge nudge, wink wink. 

A wine for the summer months but still a hit over winter. Enjoy with traditional peruvian ceviche, summer garden salads, a chunk of Parmigiano-Reggiano or simply some Kalamata olives and some fabulous friends!

No, the cork label is not used on the Rosé – why? Because just like pink and brown don’t go together, cork and Rosé don’t either. Hence the crisp white screwcap and bright white decorative label. The brand itself has been adapted so that the wine’s gorgeous colour aesthetics can be enjoyed fully and not interrupted by a large overbearing sticker. The intricate adaptation from the original Moi Wines brand is indicative of when the wine is aimed for release – the vine is budding with small inflorescences and shoots showing what is happening in the vineyard during spring/early summer.

The front label and the cheerful rhyming poem on the back are hand screen printed lovingly by  our friends at Ascent 3D.

West Auckland Scene
Behind the scenes - West Auckland Photoshoot
Yes Way Rosé
Yes Way Rosé

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